The company's aquatic products were successfully presented at the Fishery Expo


The 20th China International Fisheries Expo was grandly opened in Qingdao International Expo Center on November 4, with more than 1300 exhibitors from 46 countries and regions gathering in Qingdao and more than 30,000 professional visitors from more than 100 countries (regions) touring around. Ltd. and Rongcheng Guangrun Aquatic Food Co., Ltd. under Bordelon Industrial Company successfully appeared at this year's Fishery Expo.

Led by the chairman of the company, the general manager of each company personally led a total of 10 people to participate in this expo. The company's exhibition covered dozens of varieties of offshore fresh product striped bass, squid series processed products and Pacific real cod processed products. The huge grouper, fresh scallop, rich octopus, ...... rich and very characteristic seafood successfully attracted many domestic and foreign customers to linger in our exhibition area. Especially the West African wild fish, which is one of the major features of our exhibition, was greatly welcomed by the customers, and the crowd in front of the showcase was constantly surrounded several times. The staff was overwhelmed with photos, inquiries and even requests for further negotiation, and the consultation and negotiation were hot.

In addition to selling and introducing our products, our staff also introduced our company and our ambitious blueprint in aquatic fishery to the VIPs on the spot, so that they could further understand our company and our products, and deepen their trust in us and strengthen their intention and determination to cooperate.

The 3-day exhibition was very fruitful for us. According to a rough estimate, we received more than 10,000 people's consultation, collected thousands of cooperation information, and screened nearly 500 valuable customers. Among these customers, there are foreign customers from the United States, Chile, Pakistan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Russia, Iran, the Republic of Timor-Leste and other countries, but also from domestic processing enterprises, trade enterprises, hotel enterprises, supermarket enterprises, etc. All of them have conducted deep-level communication and negotiation at the exhibition site, and the cooperation intention is very considerable.

China International Fisheries Expo and China International Aquaculture Exhibition, the largest and most influential professional aquaculture exhibition in Asia, is also one of the most important trade events in the global fisheries industry. The successful appearance of our company in the exhibition has received positive attention from visitors from all over the world, which provides an opportunity for our company to go to the international stage and take another firm step to achieve our ultimate development goal.