Warmly celebrate the smooth departure of the first batch of foreign orders of Guangrun


At 13:28 on March 16, 2015, the container carrying the hope of Guangrun departed smoothly with the roar of firecrackers.



Since the first batch of foreign orders were undertaken by Guang Run, all departments dare not have a trace of negligence and sloppiness. The trade department has been working tirelessly to communicate with customers and arrange things in a perfect way, fearing that there will be a little mistake. The quality inspection department is even more strict, checking the quality and date of each box of products, not allowing broken bags and broken boxes to happen. Finishing employees carefully carry our products to the car one box at a time. With the unity and joint efforts of everyone, the products were successfully loaded.

The smooth departure of the first batch of foreign orders is a good start for Guang Run to open the foreign market, and also lays a good foundation for the future development of Guang Run, I believe that Guang Run will always adhere to the business management concept of "benefit as the center, talent as the root, results as the guide, and reputation as the life", and will definitely We believe that with the business management philosophy of "benefit-centered, talent-based, result-oriented and credibility-based", we are bound to make great achievements in the future.