The longest fishing moratorium in history begins, aquaculture frozen products welcome the good


According to China's voice "national news broadcast" report, from 12 noon today (1), China's sea area north of 12 degrees north latitude unified into the fishing moratorium, a month earlier than in previous years. This is China since the full implementation of the marine seasonal fishing moratorium system in 1995, the largest adjustment, the longest period of fishing moratorium.

Today at 11:00 noon, the reporter saw more than 100 high-powered fishing boats loaded with the last net of fish before the fishing moratorium, one after another back to dock in the central fishing port of Muping District, Yantai, Shandong Province. For the upcoming longest fishing season, fishermen Lao Zhang has his own plans: "one month less fish, income will certainly be a bit affected. More off this month, and so on September open sea, the quality of seafood, production will improve, which will help the sustainable use of fisheries resources."

Affected by climate change and other factors, the main economic fish spawning period in the Yellow and Bohai Seas advanced to April and May. Statistics show that the proportion of fishing vessels operating at sea in Shandong in the first quarter was only one tenth, while more than 90% of high-powered fishing vessels at sea suffered losses. In order to further strengthen the conservation and recovery of fisheries resources, the Ministry of Agriculture has made significant adjustments to the fishing moratorium system since this year: the start of the moratorium in all sea areas is unified at 12:00 on May 1 every year, and the total moratorium time is generally extended by one month.

According to Wang Yunzhong, deputy director of the Aquatic Resources Conservation and Management Center of Shandong Province, the fishing moratorium used to start from June 1 to protect mainly the larvae after spawning, but now it is one month earlier, and also protects the spawning parents, so as to increase the amount of natural resources replenishment.

Whether the adjusted fishing moratorium system can achieve the expected results, law enforcement is the key. To this end, the Ministry of Agriculture and the China Marine Police Bureau today jointly launched the national special enforcement action for the 2017 marine fishing moratorium.

At 12:00 noon, in Xiangshan, Zhejiang, the marine police and fishery law enforcement vessels sounded their sirens and set sail, and 21 law enforcement vessels sailed to the East China Sea for joint law enforcement. At the same time, Qinhuangdao City, marine and fisheries comprehensive law enforcement team law enforcement vessels also set out this morning, closed fishing period Qinhuangdao will increase the illegal operation of the fishing season, especially fishing "three no" ships, "the absolute net" and "electricity Toxic bombing" and other illegal fishing behavior of the fight.

Qinhuangdao City, marine and fisheries comprehensive law enforcement detachment Yin Dong said, "clean up and ban fishing-related three no ships, to combat illegal fishing and illegal farming of special operations, we ensure that the longest fishing moratorium, the implementation of the strictest law enforcement to effectively protect the fisheries ecological environment."

It is understood that this year's fishing moratorium is not only the longest, the type has also been unprecedented expansion, for the first time required for fishing vessels supporting services of fishing support vessels synchronized fishing moratorium. In the seriousness of law enforcement, is also to make an unprecedented strength.

Qingdao marine and fisheries administrative law enforcement detachment deputy captain Chen Dahe introduced, this year's fishing moratorium violations of the punishment, adhere to the top penalty, found once to deduct 15% of fuel subsidies; found 2 times, all deductions; more than 2 times will be included in the blacklist, the province informed, 3 years can not do the transfer procedures.

Early fishing moratorium, the people's table will not have a big impact? Zhejiang fisheries staff Chen said that some reserves of frozen seafood, artificially farmed seafood and freshwater fish will be strong into the market, becoming the main protagonists of the market, clams, razor clams and other farmed shellfish products will also become a seafood market sought-after goods to enrich the people's table.