Weihai aquatic products: the weather turns warm aquatic products prices should fall back


Spring is the season of recovery, suitable for eating fresh, we all know that spring to eat "spring vegetables", such as leeks, spring bamboo shoots, etc., but in fact, spring eating seafood is also a good choice.

As the weather warms up, it is also the best time for the public to eat seafood, Weihai local yellowtail, partial mouth fish, wahoo and other economic fish began to stock one after another. Recently, buyers and the public found that now the aquatic products market in addition to freshwater fish and other products, the price of various fresh fish is also gradually fall.

Fresh fish market: With the warm weather, the number of fishing boats at sea has gradually increased recently, and the fresh fish market is relatively abundant and the sales price is relatively cheap. The current market price of fresh sea-caught turbot per kilogram is 66-70 yuan, fresh small yellowtail per kilogram is 24-28 yuan, fresh king mackerel per kilogram is 36-40 yuan, and fresh migratory fish price is 48-50 yuan. According to market dealers, it is expected that the main varieties of fresh fish market prices will have some room to fall later.

Shellfish market: the recent market prices of some shellfish continue to be high and firm, the largest market sales of clams per kilogram price at about 8 yuan, oyster prices at 8-10 yuan per kilogram, compared with previous years, the rise is relatively large, oyster farming benefits are also very considerable; the market price of scallops per kilogram is about 8 yuan, the price of sea rainbow per kilogram at 7-8 yuan. With the gradual warming of the weather, it is expected that some shellfish prices in the market later will have some room for decline.

Crawling shrimp market: With the warming weather, Weihai local live crawling shrimp are coming on the market one after another. But the market price is still surprisingly high, market purchases are still relatively light. The current market price per kilogram of local live crawling shrimp is generally around 120 yuan. According to market dealers, with the warming of the weather, the sea fishing boats have increased and many other reasons, the market price of live crawling shrimp will slowly fall back to a reasonable price.