Guangrun company works overtime and busy production, and does a good job at present to fight the battle of peak season


With the end of the fishing moratorium, at the beginning of September, the workshop of Guang Run Company was a busy scene, and the front-line staff worked overtime, braving hardship and hard work, and the battle of peak season production was officially launched! Faced with the difficulties of insufficient staff, busy production and difficult tasks, all the staff of Guangrun are of one heart and one mind to ensure the quality and quantity of production, and concentrate their efforts to fight the battle of peak season.

The weather in early autumn is still hot, but it can't stop the staffs' passion to be busy in production. As soon as we walked into the factory, we could see from afar that large trucks waiting for loading and unloading were lined up in front of the platform, red forklifts were shuttled to and from the warehouse and the channel, tons of fish were being transported in and out in batches; the warehouse keeper quickly counted the fish and arranged loading and unloading in an orderly manner, the forklift masters and loading and unloading workers were busy loading in an intense manner, the statistician meticulously counted the number of fish and strictly controlled the quantity. The factory is a red-hot and busy scene.

Chen Mingfeng, general manager of Guangrun, gave instructions to complete the production tasks in the peak season and to accomplish all the targets set by the head office. Lien Chengfu, logistics manager, Liang Jianghai, director of the large warehouse, Ma Xianting, director of rough processing, Wang Xinxia, manager of the trade department and other leaders of the company took the lead and set an example, regardless of personal gains and losses, leading the staff to put all their efforts and emotions into the front-line production.

Due to the special nature of the industry, since the opening of the sea, production time is tight, heavy tasks, in order to ensure the normal operation of production, often work overtime, such as the acquisition of the Department of Liu Lin bath, Bi Jia Ming, Wang Yumin on the port to acquire fish goods, often day and night round the clock, sometimes two or three days of work can only rest for four or five hours; large warehouse storage Shang Haitao, Wang Jun Xiao, Zhang Defu, Zou Guangtong, forklift workers Lin Xin, Feng Chunyang, Pan Dong, Zhao Zhongtao, Sun Sometimes they are really tired, and in order not to affect the work, they squint on the bench in the cold changing room for a short while and get up to continue working, and their physical discomfort and minor illnesses never affect their work; despite the difficult work tasks and working conditions, everyone in the logistics department is hardworking and diligent, and they complete every task assigned by the leadership with full dedication. Every task assigned by the leadership.

While doing their best to complete their own work, all departments of Guangrun Company never forget to implement the management spirit of the head office and do a good job in the department of "5S" management. The employees use their free time to block the gap of the unhardened area in the north of the factory with sand bags to prevent the rain from washing away the mud and polluting the factory. The staff of the logistics department put their heads together to reduce costs and increase efficiency by using used tires and large mops made of fishing nets to wash the road, which not only saves the company's expenses on tools, but also saves energy and effort, and uses rainwater to brush the road in the factory to maintain a clean and tidy production environment, which has won widespread praise from customers coming to the factory.

Under the careful organization of the company's leadership and the unity and cooperation of all departments, the staff of Guangrun, who are united in their determination, have the confidence and ability to fight the battle of the peak season this year and complete the annual economic indicators issued by the company. Here, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks and deep condolences to the employees who are working hard in all positions! Especially to the front-line employees, we would like to pay our highest respects!