The fishing season has begun, pushing up the recent seafood prices in the coming months frozen seafood singing the lead


May Day holiday period, many housewives found that the vegetable market pomfret, scallops, shrimp mayflies, white crabs and other seafood prices have all gone up, although the price is high, but the aquatic stall business is still very hot, each stall in front of a number of people to ask for quotes and buy. Because this year's fishing moratorium began, the fishing moratorium from 12:00 on May 1 to 12:00 on August 16, one month earlier than in previous years.

In Hu Shan vegetable market, the reporter found that, because just entered the fishing moratorium, the supply of seafood in the vegetable market has not yet appeared obvious changes, but the price has increased. "In a few days you can not eat fresh seafood, so specially come to stock up." Early the day before yesterday, Mr. Liu accompanied his mother to buy food, he told reporters that the family will eat seafood almost every few days, "shrimp mayflies a few days ago 40 yuan a catty, today 60 yuan a catty, we will catch a last train, expensive on expensive, after all, is fresh."

"To eat also on these days, if you do not buy now, in two days you can not eat fresh goods!" Aquatic stall owner Gu boss told reporters that every year before the fishing moratorium is the case, this year the time is earlier, not to mention that "now it is difficult to buy goods, my goods or grab from the wholesale market, at most another seven or eight days, the fresh goods are very few." In the vegetable market, many aquatic stall owners told reporters, in fact, as early as the first ten days of the fishing moratorium, the market price of seafood began to rise, the goods of the past few days a price a day. Although the purchase price than the original rose, but seafood these days is still selling very well.

Closed, the public still have seafood to eat? Reporters learned that the date of the start of the fishing moratorium seven days after the end of the first batch of fishing boats fishing moratorium officially opened the date of the ban on the sale of striped bass, yellowtail, small yellowtail, shrimp mayfly and other eight kinds of chilled or live aquatic products. The original frozen and preserved marine aquatic products will gradually be put into the market in large quantities, singing the lead role in the market.

In the vegetable market, seafood vendors have also long planned for the sale and purchase during the fishing moratorium. Seafood stall owner Du Dajie told reporters that the annual fishing moratorium is not all frozen seafood, there are also some artificially farmed seafood to sell. In addition, seafood retailers will also be stocked in advance, "the wholesale market there are usually frozen seafood, not to mention the fishing moratorium, the general public frozen seafood will certainly be sold by then, the price is now hard to say, it is estimated that it will not be too expensive."