Ocean-going deep-sea fishery has great potential to seize the first opportunity or knock on the door of wealth


According to China's rural voice "Sannong China" reported that, with the gradual improvement of living standards, China's seafood and other aquatic products consumption gradually increased. Seafood and other aquatic products are more sensitive to pollution and are easily enriched with pollutants in their bodies. Therefore, compared to offshore aquatic products, safer and tastier deep-water aquatic products are becoming more and more popular. Chinese Village Voice special commentator Sun Liwu analysis: the future growth of the deep-sea aquatic market in the ocean is huge, seize the opportunity or knock on the door of wealth.

Sun Liwu: In recent years, offshore fishing and artificial aquaculture has been relatively large environmental test, coupled with the taste of deep-sea aquatic products, perhaps giving a great deal of room for development of deep-sea aquatic products, pelagic fishery products to a certain extent to avoid the threat of pollution, antibiotics and hormones, becoming a relatively safe choice for consumers. And with the development from urbanization, the income level of residents, the future of the consumer's diet structure will also usher in a breakthrough in the transformation.

Under the banner of supply-side reform, how to adequately ensure effective supply is the key. For the future development of space and consumer demand urgent need for deep-sea pelagic fishery, how to guide the healthy and orderly development of the industry, so that deep-sea pelagic fishery can go down the altar of high prices, easy access to ordinary people, is really a problem to think about.

In fact, for the pelagic deep-sea fishing industry, domestic and foreign governments and institutional organizations set up a very high threshold, the main purpose is to protect the marine ecological environment, especially in recent years, the government is to limit the size of the industry through the issuance of fishing licenses.

For China, Chinese fishing vessels fish all over the world's oceans, and the fishing volume is the first in the world, like the marine fishing vessels from Shandong, Zhejiang, Liaoning, Guangdong and Fujian go to the fishing grounds of the world's oceans to carry out fishing operations, but there is inevitably the phenomenon of illegal cross-border fishing.

In order to maintain the healthy and orderly development of the industry, in recent years, the country has also started to control the growth rate of fishing vessels, focusing on issuing fishing permits to existing enterprises with strong capital capacity and experienced management in the industry, and giving strong support in terms of national finance and taxation, such as government subsidies in vessel operation and shipbuilding. There are also enterprises such as Pingtan Ocean in the industry.

In order to do a full ocean deep-sea aquatic industry, on the one hand, to integrate resources, planning the development of the whole industry chain of seafood, including the acquisition of fishing enterprises, integration of global resources, the establishment of aquatic product processing plants and ultra-low temperature frozen transport system, etc., to truly achieve the planning of the whole process from the source to the table to ensure the safety of seafood.

When the whole industry chain development began to go into the ocean deep-sea aquatic products, quality assurance, intermediate links to reduce the cost of circulation, with the rapid development of e-commerce platform, will naturally bring the price down, when the ocean deep-sea aquatic products began to go down the altar, picky eaters can enjoy the food, the image, think about it all feel happy.