Shandong Rongcheng City successfully completed the two festivals during the quality and safety of aquatic products rectification action


In order to effectively protect the quality and safety of aquatic products during the New Year's Day and Spring Festival, so that the majority of people in Rongcheng City spent a happy and peaceful holiday, Rongcheng City, Marine and Fisheries Bureau organized a "two festivals" during the aquatic product quality and safety rectification action.

During the action period, Rongcheng City in accordance with the "publicity, mobilization, investigation, rectification, crackdown" steps, aquaculture enterprises as the key inspection objects, to "aquaculture production in the use of malachite green, chloramphenicol, nitrofurans and other prohibited drugs" as the rectification Focus on the field to see whether the enterprise breeding site and the warehouse use or storage of state banned drugs, the implementation of the five systems, three records and so on.

The rectification action was deployed to supervise and enforce the law enforcement personnel 22 times, 26 inspections of aquaculture enterprises; 132 copies of promotional materials issued; ordered to rectify three records registered incomplete and other issues 4; sampling aquaculture samples 10, the test results for all qualified, fundamentally strong protection of the city's "two festivals" during the Aquatic products safety supply, to further enhance the level of quality and safety of aquatic products in Rongcheng.