The most beautiful scene on the production line--The excellent team of logistics department and logistics department of Guangrun Company


Since entering into the fishing moratorium, the employees of Guang Run Company have responded to the company's call and joined the company's activities of tapping the potential and increasing efficiency, and a large number of excellent employees and teams have emerged.

In the blue sky and hot July, the employees of Logistics Department are busy loading fish under the command of Lian Chengfu, He Jingke, Liang Jianghai and other departmental leaders on the warehouse platform of Guangrun Company. In order to save money and take over the work originally outsourced to the loading and unloading team, the whole team of the logistics department, from the acquisition department to the sales department, from the warehouse to the roughing department, every employee took the initiative to do it together, none of the employees called for hardship and tiredness, sacrificing themselves to dedicate their own strength.

As the mainstay of Guangrun, the logistics department, from the department leader to the department staff, go to work every day early and stay late, work overtime, overcome the huge temperature difference outside and inside the warehouse, and dedicate themselves silently and unobtrusively. Although the work position is very ordinary, but they carry a strong sense of professionalism and responsibility, serious and responsible for the work, in the ordinary position to make extraordinary achievements. Every employee of the logistics department is a hero who is silently dedicated to the company.

In the company's internal dredging activities, the staff of the Logistics Department also acted actively, giving full play to the advantages of the personnel, using the vacant land in the factory to reclaim vegetable gardens and plant seasonal vegetables and food crops. Night shift security guard Jiang Shuan drove a tractor from home and prepared farming tools, and the canteen cooks sacrificed their rest time to make full use of every resource to create benefits for the company under the leadership of Lin Yi.

"The wood of the hug is born in the mill; the platform of the ninth floor starts from the accumulated soil". The development of the enterprise is inseparable from the company's leadership's keen grasp of the market and wise decisions, and also inseparable from the grassroots staff's internal tapping and efficiency. Only when everyone joins the company, starts from small places, and makes careful calculations to reduce costs, can the company's efficiency grow in return. In Guangrun, the most beautiful employees make up the most beautiful scenery.