Guang Run Company Conducts Safety Production Emergency Drill


On February 7, Guang Run Company actively responded to the government's call for safety production accident prevention drills and organized its employees to conduct safety production emergency drills.




The drill was based on the hypothesis of ammonia leakage in the single freezing unit of the finishing workshop, and the main purpose was to quickly organize the safe evacuation of the whole staff, applying the theory of emergency escape to practice. With the practical experience of this drill process, KWR can effectively organize the emergency escape for the staff in case of such safety accidents in the future, and enhance the safety protection of workshop management.




General Manager Chen Mingfeng said that the first line of production is also the first line of management, but also the first line of safety, in the future, Guangrun will organize safety production drills from time to time to help employees master all kinds of emergency escape skills, to form the concept of full safety production, strengthen safety precautions to achieve zero accidents in production operations.