Warmly celebrate the new office building of Guang Run Company


At 7:58 a.m. on December 9, 2014, with the roar of firecrackers and fireworks, KWR officially announced its move into the new office building.

After witnessing this exciting moment, the visiting guests visited the new and spacious office building together under the leadership of General Manager Chen Mingfeng of Guangrun. In the laboratory, we have the most advanced experimental testing instruments; in the office, the windows are clear and modern office equipment is available; in the conference room, it is spacious and bright, with all the supporting facilities; ...... all of this highlights the high standard of modern management of Guangrun.

After more than a year of hard work, the company finally ushered in this exciting moment, looking at the new bright office building, everyone's face showed a smile of joy. We believe that with modern equipment and facilities, first-class staff, and advanced management concepts, the company is bound to get better and better and become the leader of the aquatic industry in Rongcheng!