Forklift Safety Drill Summary Report


On March 9, 2016, Guang Run Company did a comprehensive drill for cold chain logistics forklift safety production, which greatly improved the attention of all employees to safety production and received good results.





First, leadership attention, coordination. According to the instructions of the government safety supervision department, in line with the principle of "prevention-oriented, self-help-oriented, unified command, division of responsibility", the leadership of the company does not wait, and actively organize study, and develop the corresponding safety production rules and regulations of each department, set up a leading group of safety production, the group with He Jingke as the leader, Lin Yi as the deputy leader, forklift Vehicle keeper Liang Jianghai, Shang Haitao, Wang Junxiao, Zhang Defu, etc. as members.

Second, the system as a criterion, to achieve clear responsibility, rewards and penalties are clear. Before the start of the drill, the company's "Forklift Safety Management System" was explained in detail, including forklift truck number, dedicated management, regular maintenance, sickness operation and other detailed requirements, so that each forklift worker is clear about his responsibilities, and any violation will be subject to the corresponding economic punishment. This emergency drill focused on the training of forklift operation procedures and emergency rescue of unexpected events.

This emergency drill has comprehensively improved the safety awareness of employees, enhanced their sense of safety responsibility, enabled the company's employees to effectively respond to sudden production safety accidents, and improved the emergency response ability and disposal level in response to production safety accidents.