Sincere cooperation, hand in hand to win - Remember the 2016 Bordelon Fun Games Guangrun team


In the afternoon of May 7, the third fun sports meeting of Bordelon came to a successful end. In the fierce competition, through the cooperation of all the team members, Guangrun team achieved satisfactory results, especially in the collective project, took the first place in three at once.

There is a short story that if you see antelopes running on the grassland in Africa, it must be the lions coming; if you see lions hiding, it is the elephant herd in anger; if you see hundreds of lions and elephants collectively fleeing for their lives, what is coming? Ants army!

Single, perhaps our staff is not the most capable of running, nor the most capable of jumping; but on teamwork, our team is the most tacit cooperation. Each member of the team is like a brave little ant, when the team needs to change the shyness of the past, charging forward, fighting hard, and trying to fight for the team honor.

At the end of the game, happy smiles on everyone's face, the time of the fun games is limited, but the spirit of the games power is unlimited, win or lose is no longer important, through the games, the hearts of the staff tighter, we gain more is happy and good spirit. The unity of the staff, the spirit of unconquerable defeat touched everyone, and we will learn the team power of "sincere cooperation, win together"!