Scallops are really on fire, with an average price increase of 50%!


Today, a small partner on the platform asked "What are the specifications of the scallops on the market?" Last time I missed this question, this time to fill in.

Generally speaking, the specifications of striped bass are mainly divided into 100-200, 200-300, 300-500, 500-700, 700-1000 and 1000+, where the unit is grams, and a box of striped bass weighs about 10 kg. Some scallop segments are also calculated in centimeters, such as 6-8 cm; there are also individual scallop segments given specifications before cutting, that is, after head and gutting the weight (in grams), such as 150-200, 200-300 ....

In addition, the most touching frozen people's heartstrings is the price, recently, as the temperature drops, seafood resources gradually reduced, Zhoushan and other coastal areas to sea fishing boats less and less, wild seafood resources become more sought-after, and the end of the year, the public centralized procurement also led to the rise in seafood prices. Among them, the price of scallops, crabs rose more than two percent, the seafood prices have become a trend.

Aquatic market scallop prices rose 30% this year

In a seafood market near Beijing's West Dawang Road, a number of fish sellers said that the price of seafood this year rose very quickly, especially the scallops, the market now sells ordinary fresh scallops to 25 yuan per catty to 35 yuan, while last year at this time only about 17 yuan per catty. According to a vendor claiming to specialize in the sale of Zhoushan striped bass revealed that this year, the average price of striped bass has grown by about 30%, "expensive to buy, hate a price a day, such as a larger and wider striped bass now sells for about 35 yuan per catty, six months ago the same specifications of striped bass is about 20 yuan per catty."

In response to the issue of seafood price increases, the person in charge of the Beijing-Shenzhen wholesale aquatic market manager Su introduced, every year-end New Year's Day during the Spring Festival, seafood prices will rise, this year from the market, Guangxi, Zhoushan and other places, the price of striped bass is more obvious, the price has been high in recent months. The specific reason is that in recent years the number of offshore seafood decreased, fishing technology is not mature enough, prompting the price of aquatic products rose.

Zhoushan origin scallops per catty soared to 100 yuan

According to Mr. Zou, a local fisherman in Zhoushan, "since the end of the fishing moratorium in September, as the weather turned cold, the sea played up less, basically all Zhoushan seafood prices, such as pike crab with red paste per catty from about 10 yuan to the recent 100 yuan, in addition to the best quality of Zhoushan area now, such as each weighing more than 8 two specifications of striped bass, in Zhoushan International Aquatic City to sell for about 100 yuan per catty, in addition to 2-3 two and other small and medium-sized striped bass from 25 yuan to 60 yuan per catty."

Production decreases year by year, leading to soaring prices

Mr. Zou recalled that 10 years ago the production of striped bass is still very large, fishermen go to sea every day up to salvage thousands of pounds. "On average, each boat can fish more than 500 pounds of fish a day, striped bass almost net net, more than 10 yuan a catty, so the people could afford to eat at that time." Mr. Zou said, and now to eat Zhoushan local fresh big striped bass, it is to spend a lot of money, because the production of striped bass is too small.

On the one hand, the number of fishing boats catching up the seafood is reduced, on the other hand, the market supply tends to be tight, two factors have pushed up the price of seafood. According to industry analysis, the price of low-grade seafood this year rose two to three percent, but the price of high-grade seafood has been significantly increased, especially the New Year's Day and Spring Festival holiday is approaching, is expected to appear in the capital seafood prices will also be short-term large fluctuations.