Putting training into practice by learning and applying


--Guangrun Company's training work in 2017 started

With the first batch of new employees entering the factory after the festival, according to the spirit of training instructions of the group company, in order to comprehensively improve the management level of Guangrun Company, deepen the understanding and knowledge of the company's systems, and guarantee the new employees to work and live safely and healthily in the company, the training work of Guangrun Company in 2017 was officially kicked off at 8:00 a.m. on February 17, 2017.

The first batch of new employees' induction training education was attended by 58 new employees. Before the training course started, General Manager Zhang Shiwei made a brief training mobilization, calling on the new employees to learn seriously and adapt to the company management as early as possible.

The training course for new employees was presided over by Manager Wang Xinxia of the Quality Control Department. The training content covered the company's daily management norms, workshop management system, labor protection supplies use system, dormitory hygiene management system and other aspects related to production and logistics management. The training form is diversified, including written explanation of the system, physical display of labor protection supplies, actual on-site exercises and other forms, through the combination of theory and practice, on-site hands-on teaching of dormitory organization norms, continuous supervision, inspection, rectification, so that the training work is not formal, the real implementation of front-line services for production.

The training work is carried out, so that the management from the source, to the factory a number of, training a number of new employees have a preliminary understanding of the rules and regulations of the enterprise, for new employees to understand the company system, adapt to the management of the company laid a good pavement, for the future management of a good foundation.

In the next stage, Guangrun will combine with the actual situation, reasonably arrange the training hours, comprehensively carry out the training work of the whole staff, not only to each batch of new workers to the factory to carry out training one after another, at the same time, flexible setting of the whole staff training courses, job department training courses, deepen all staff to the company's corporate culture, management system, job skills and other aspects of cognitive understanding, comprehensive improvement of staff quality, so that the management of Guangrun to a The new level of management.