Market supply and demand, fisheries benefits rebound


From the national fisheries transformation and restructuring work site will be informed: January to July this year, China's fisheries situation is stable and progressive. Aquatic product output of 30.73 million tons, up 2.9% year-on-year. The integrated average price of 23.3 yuan/kg in the wholesale market of aquatic products, up 5.4% year-on-year. Aquatic products market supply and demand, fisheries benefits rebound, fishermen's per capita net income increased more than the same period last year, the level of quality and safety of aquatic products steadily improved.

The reporter learned that China's fisheries based on the advantages of resources and market demand, according to local conditions to adjust the structure of species and industrial layout, the formation of regional characteristics. Jiangsu Province, for example, focus on cultivating a number of leading species and industries such as river crabs, crayfish, shrimp, rosemary shrimp, puffer fish, striped nori, the province's special aquaculture area accounted for 74% of the total area, including river crab production value of nearly 30 billion yuan, shrimp production value of more than 20 billion yuan, "shrimp and crab economy" features obvious.

At the same time, through brand creation, processing value-added and leisure services, promote the integration of one, two and three industries, the development of the combination of farming industry, extending the industrial chain. Such as the implementation of deep processing of aquatic products in Fujian Province to drive the plan to create a whole industry chain of seeds, breeding, processing, circulation, branding, etc. The province now has 31 Chinese well-known trademarks. Shandong Province to create 15 provincial leisure sea fishing demonstration base, the first half of the reception of 99,000 tourists, driving tourism spending 230 million yuan, becoming a new economic growth point.

Vice Minister of Agriculture Yu Kangzhen that, at present, China to accelerate the transformation of the fishing industry to adjust the structure of a good atmosphere has been formed, the work is progressing well, the first results, the transformation of the fishing industry to adjust the structure of a solid pace. The next step is to ensure the quality and quantity of work to complete the annual target, and strive to achieve the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" modern fisheries construction "open the door".

Farming industry, said Yu Kangzhen, to improve the farming waters and beaches planning system. Adjustment of offshore, lakes, reservoirs within the net box culture, optimize the layout of aquaculture, a clear limit of the prohibited areas, need to be scientifically and reasonably prepared, revised at all levels of aquaculture waters and beaches planning to achieve.

At the same time, increase the promotion of water-saving and emission-reducing farming techniques. Since this year, the Ministry of Agriculture continued to carry out energy-saving emission reduction demonstration pilot in eight provinces and cities, factory and pond recirculating water aquaculture, bottom drainage pond farming, manure collection net box farming and a large number of water-saving emission reduction of new technologies, new models have been tested around the country pilot.

The next step will be to do a good job in key areas of aquaculture pollution management, change the way of aquaculture development of healthy aquaculture, the gradual dismantling of large lakes fences fence farming, control the density of reservoir net box farming, guide the development of lakes ecological augmentation fisheries, the development of pond recycling water farming, to ensure that the concentration of regional water quality gradually reach the surface water Ⅲ standard.