Weihai aquatic products market: after the Mid-Autumn Festival, the price of sea-caught fish fell, sea cucumber rose weakly


After the Mid-Autumn Festival, the overall trading of Weihai wholesale aquatic products market is relatively stable, and the prices of some species are slightly fluctuating.

On September 1, the 2016 Yellow Sea fishing moratorium officially ended. From the opening of the sea in the past this almost 20 days, the market sources are filling up one after another, experienced the high rise in market prices before the Mid-Autumn Festival, by the impact of factors such as consumption turned light, after the festival market prices of most of the sea-caught fish declined. At present, the market price per kilogram of fresh king mackerel is generally 36-44 yuan, fresh pomfret per kilogram is about 200 yuan, fresh migratory fish per kilogram price up to 66-70 yuan, fresh small yellowtail per kilogram price at 26-28 yuan. As for farmed fish, the market price per kilogram of southern farmed large yellow croaker is 44-46 yuan, the price of farmed sea bass is generally 24-26 yuan, and the price per kilogram of farmed gaji fish is around 40 yuan.

Recently, the market still focuses on the sale of greenhouse farmed sea cucumbers, and the current market price of live greenhouse farmed sea cucumbers is 94-96 yuan per kilogram. It is understood that in previous years, the price of sea cucumber generally increased before the autumn sea cucumber was listed, but this year, the market price is up weakly. Due to the influence of high-end consumption restriction and the expansion of sea cucumber production capacity in the south, in fact, since 2011, the whole sea cucumber industry in China has entered the price inflection point, and has been declining rapidly for 5 years, and is still performing weakly. In the face of this autumn's sea cucumber market, Chunhui suggests that sea cucumber farmers should adjust the scale of farming in time and take diversified business methods to cope with changes in market demand; and for the overall trend of sea cucumber industry, each enterprise should promote sustainable development of sea cucumber industry by establishing origin identification, exploring new markets, accelerating e-commerce and other initiatives. Especially, we should take a correct view of "northern cucumber and southern farming", and realize the docking and complementary development of the north-south industry in terms of seeds and market.