The extension of the fishing moratorium can conserve fishery resources with less impact on fishermen


According to the China Voice "CCTV Night News" report, China Ocean University School of Fisheries, Marine Fisheries Department Director of any Ping Professor believes that China's marine fishing moratorium system is an important fishery found an important resource conservation system, since the 1995 test has achieved very good ecological economic and social effects, but the current way of using this resource is still not effectively controlled, fishing aquatic products still exceed the fishery resources The capacity of fishery resources is still exceeded. In this context the measure of extending the fishing moratorium was introduced, which is one of the measures of fisheries conservation and is inevitable for socio-economic development. The fishery moratorium, which normally starts on June 1, has been extended by one month to May 1. The additional month can protect a lot of economic income and increase the amount of fishery resources replenishment and conservation of water resources.

The one-month extension of the fishing moratorium will not have a great impact on the livelihood of fishermen, as May is not the main period for fishermen's operations. On the other hand, the fishing moratorium system also provides for a special fishing system for special fishing species, the fishing moratorium like jellyfish species can be implemented special fishing, the impact on this part of the fishermen is also not large. The price is considered, our country's aquaculture industry is relatively developed, the ecological benefits of fisheries ecosystem protection is very large.