Shandong Weihai aquatic products market: farmed sea bass prices rose bird shellfish prices continue to firm


Weihai is a beautiful seaside city with a long coastline and rich marine resources and a wide variety of seafood here. With the arrival of the peak tourist season, the whole trading hall is crowded with people during the peak purchasing period of the aquatic products market, and the trading is particularly active.

Affected by the fishing moratorium, the recent Weihai wholesale aquatic products market mainly focuses on frozen aquatic products, farmed aquatic products and freshwater fish. Fish species are mainly frozen striped bass, yellow croaker, etc., and farmed aquatic products are mainly yellow croaker, perch, gaji fish. Price, the current market price of frozen small yellowtail per kilogram at 24-26 yuan, fresh king mackerel per kilogram price is generally at 40-44 yuan, fresh sea-caught turbot per kilogram price rose to 90-100 yuan, the southern farmed rhubarb per kilogram price at 40-46 yuan; farmed gaji fish per kilogram price at about 40 yuan.

Crustaceans and shellfish occupy half of the aquatic products market sales. At present, the market price of bird shellfish continues to be high and firm, including: the price of bird shellfish meat per kilogram at 86-90 yuan, the price of shelled bird shellfish per kilogram at 24-26 yuan; the market price of swan's egg meat shocks back down, the market price per kilogram at about 40 yuan, down 28.6% compared with the previous period.

After entering the fishing moratorium, the local fresh sea-caught fish decreased significantly, but the fresh fish goods arriving from Dandong port in Liaoning Province still supplemented the gap in the market in time. It is also understood that the market now seafood, but also part of the East China Sea, the South China Sea after the end of the fishing moratorium, fresh seafood shipped from the south. According to market dealers, because of the significant reduction in the supply of local seafood, coupled with the relative lack of supply capacity of southern seafood, fish prices rose a lot. Recent market price of farmed sea bass rose from 20-22 yuan per kilogram in the early period to 26-28 yuan, an increase of nearly 28.6%.