Highlights of national fisheries and fishery administration work in 2017


First, efforts to promote industrial transformation and upgrading

(A) highlight the development of ecological and healthy aquaculture. Accelerate the preparation of aquaculture waters and beaches planning, the reasonable layout of aquaculture production. In-depth demonstration of aquatic health aquaculture activities to create a new Ministry of Agriculture aquatic health aquaculture demonstration field more than 500, the creation of new fishery health aquaculture demonstration counties more than 10. Actively promote new aquatic species, and constantly optimize the structure of aquaculture species. Accelerate the reduction of aquaculture emissions and drugs, continue to promote the Dongting Lake and other key watershed aquaculture pollution control pilot work. Accelerate the standardization of pond transformation, vigorously promote deep-water wind and wave-resistant aquaculture nets, pond aquaculture and other ecological health culture new models, the organization and implementation of deep-water wind and wave-resistant aquaculture nets to promote the project.

(B) vigorously promote the integrated development of fisheries one, two and three industries. Implement the spirit of the national leisure fishery field meeting, focus on cultivating the leisure fishery industry, regulate the management of leisure fishing vessels, vigorously promote the "four one" project, leisure fishery demonstration to create, and promote the rapid and healthy development of leisure fishery. Guide aquatic product processing enterprises to carry out technological innovation and adjust product structure. Strengthen the analysis of international trade in aquatic products, forecasting and research, and actively cultivate aquatic product brands, and increase domestic and international market development efforts.

(C) actively carry out the "three areas and a park" construction. Actively participate in the construction of modern agricultural industrial parks and national modern agricultural demonstration zones. Actively promote the content of fisheries and its derivative industries into the construction of various modern agricultural demonstration parks. Actively study and promote the construction of "three zones and one park", such as modern fishery demonstration zones, pilot demonstration zones for sustainable fishery development, special aquatic products advantageous zones and modern fishery industrial parks.

Second, efforts to promote the Yangtze River as the focus of aquatic biological resources protection

(D) continue to fight the good fight to protect the Yangtze River. The organization and implementation of the Yangtze River spring fishing ban system, the Yangtze River aquatic life to promote a comprehensive ban on fishing in protected areas, and effectively maintain a good ban on fishing order. Promote the introduction of "opinions on strengthening the protection of aquatic life in the Yangtze River", and vigorously strengthen the construction of various types of aquatic life reserves at all levels. Carry out a survey of fishery resources and ecological environment monitoring and assessment of the Yangtze River. Carry out habitat restoration demonstration projects and the Yangtze River waterway ecological restoration demonstration projects.

(E) increase fishing fishermen's efforts to switch to other industries. Vigorously promote the reduction of marine fishing fishermen's boats to switch to production. Promote the Yangtze River basin to fully carry out the conversion of fishing fishermen to work, focusing on the Yangtze River at all levels of various types of aquatic life reserves fishermen to convert to work. Carry out vocational skills training for fishermen to convert, strengthen employment guidance, to prevent fishermen to convert due to lack of vocational skills and employment channels and re-engage in fishing.

(F) the full implementation of the total marine fisheries resources management system. Strengthen the deployment, vigorously promote the implementation of the total marine fishing production targets and sub-annual targets at all levels, to ensure that the provinces in 2017 the total annual reduction in marine fishing production compared with 2015 in principle not less than 5%. Continue to organize the implementation of offshore fishery resources and near-shore spawning grounds survey, monitoring and evaluation, the organization of Liaoning, Shandong, Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong and other provinces to select some areas or fishing species to carry out a pilot limit fishing management.

(G) the implementation of the new marine seasonal fishing moratorium system. Announcement and implementation of the new marine seasonal fishing moratorium system, extensive publicity, the majority of fishermen and the community's understanding, support and cooperation. Establish and improve the unified leadership of the government, fisheries departments in charge of specific responsibility, the relevant departments to closely cooperate with the management mechanism of the fishing moratorium, strengthen inspection and supervision to ensure that the fishing moratorium management measures are put into practice. Strengthen law enforcement supervision, implement a good reporting and reward system, link the fishing vessel fishing moratorium with oil subsidies, and strengthen the penalties for violations of the moratorium. Study the issue of fishing moratorium subsidies, properly solve the livelihood of fishermen during the moratorium, and maintain social stability in fishing areas.

(H) carry out the work of juvenile fish protection. Organize the development of more minimum catchable standards for economic fish and juvenile fish standards to provide a basis for carrying out inspection and enforcement of juvenile fish ratios in fishing ports. Actively promote the use of compound feeds to guide the breeding chain to reduce the use of chilled juvenile miscellaneous fish. Actively coordinate and joint relevant departments to increase the inspection and enforcement of wholesale markets of aquatic products, supermarkets, fishmeal production enterprises, restaurants and other places to crack down on the illegal operation of juvenile fish.

(ix) strengthen the construction of marine pastures and aquatic life reserves. Organization held a marine ranch construction work site, the creation of national marine ranch demonstration areas, the development of national marine ranch construction planning, the organization to develop marine ranch management methods, the implementation of good artificial reef construction projects, marine ranch standards system construction. Continue to organize the delineation of aquatic life nature reserves and aquatic germplasm resource reserves, to enhance the level of management.

(J) strengthen the protection of aquatic wildlife. Do a good job of "Wildlife Protection Act" to promote the implementation of the guidance of the community to participate in a wide range of aquatic wildlife protection. Continue to organize the implementation of the "Chinese sturgeon rescue action plan" and "Yangtze finless porpoise rescue action plan", the development and implementation of the Chinese white dolphins and spotted seals and other key protected species conservation action plan. Continue to do a good job CITES compliance work.

(k) actively carry out fishery resource enhancement and release. Continue to organize major stocking and release activities and do a good job on June 6, the national unified fish release day. Continue to strengthen the standardized management of stockbreeding, to carry out the construction of national aquatic life stockbreeding demonstration base, strengthen the supervision of the quality of fry, scientific and reasonable selection of species and areas of stockbreeding.

Third, efforts to promote fisheries "go out"

(XII) to enhance the development of offshore fisheries. Promote the establishment of an inter-ministerial joint conference system for the management of offshore fisheries, establish and improve the "blacklist" system for enterprises and key responsible personnel, and strengthen the inspection of ocean-going fishing vessels. Accelerate the formulation (amendment) of the Regulations on the Management of Offshore Fishing and the Measures on the Management of Offshore Fishing Vessel Inspection, and formulate the development plan of offshore fishing. Strictly control the increase in the number of offshore fishing vessels, stabilize fishing in the high seas, consolidate and improve transoceanic fisheries, and actively develop Antarctic marine biological resources. Actively promote the establishment of intergovernmental cooperation mechanisms, strengthen international cooperation and compliance, and resolutely combat IUU fishing activities. Launch activities to create "modernized offshore fishing star enterprises", support the construction of offshore fishing bases and the upgrading of offshore fishing vessels, and encourage the repatriation of self-caught fishery products. Carry out research on risk assessment of offshore fisheries and promote better development of offshore fisheries in an open environment.

(XIII) actively maintain and develop neighboring and bilateral and multilateral fisheries relations. Do a good job in China-Japan, China-Korea, China-Vietnam and China-Russia Fisheries Commission negotiations and implementation, and actively promote the implementation of China-Philippines and China-ASEAN fisheries cooperation. Actively promote the aquaculture "go global", actively participate in the United Nations and FAO conventions, agreements and implementation, and increase foreign publicity to enhance my image as a responsible fisheries power.

Fourth, focus on fisheries safety supervision

(XIV) continue to strengthen the quality and safety of aquatic products. Strengthen supervision, and strive to maintain the annual origin of aquatic products monitoring pass rate of 98% or more. Start a census of farms, strengthen the risk and hidden danger of fishery inputs, supervision and sampling of seeds and seawater shellfish health monitoring risk and hidden danger, and arrange for about 10,000 origin aquatic products testing tasks throughout the year. Promote standardized production and carry out experimental demonstrations of healthy breeding models such as zero drug use. In accordance with the "Food Safety Office of the State Council and other five departments on the issuance of "livestock and poultry aquatic products, antibiotics, banned compounds and veterinary drug residues exceed the standard special rectification action plan" notice "requirements to carry out rectification action. Strengthen publicity and public opinion monitoring, positive guidance of public opinion, and proper emergency response.

(xv) persistently grasp the production of fishery safety. Organization held a national fishery production safety work site, in-depth promotion of the national fishery production safety inspection, strengthen safety training, the organization of the national fishery emergency response exercises, the creation of a number of national "safe fisheries demonstration counties", encourage the creation of safe fisheries demonstration townships, villages, boats, and solid grass-roots infrastructure. Strengthen the safety supervision of fishing ports, explore the establishment of a system of control of vessels and people according to the port, and start the work of identifying and announcing fishing ports and the reform of the visa system in and out of the port. Improve the investigation and treatment of fishing vessels water accidents, statistics, reporting system. Strictly supervise the inspection of fishing vessels and marine products, carry out supervision and sampling of fishing vessels and marine products. Accelerate the system of registered ship surveyors. Efforts to promote fisheries insurance, expand the scope and coverage of fisheries policy insurance. Strengthen the management of fisheries radio.

(XVI) to promote the origin of aquatic fry quarantine to ensure the safety of aquatic organisms. In Jiangsu Province to carry out pilot quarantine of aquatic fry origin. Strengthen disease monitoring and risk assessment, the organization and implementation of the "National Aquatic Animal Disease Monitoring Program" and aquatic animal and plant disease measurement, aquatic animal epidemic prevention system laboratory testing capabilities, to carry out "no prescribed epidemic seed" construction pilot, the development of no prescribed epidemic seed farm construction specifications, to carry out a survey of the main pathogenic microbial drug resistance .

V. Efforts to strengthen the rule of law fishing

(XVII) in-depth promotion of the "extinct net" fishing-related "three no" ship clean-up and rectification action. Continue to maintain a high pressure of law enforcement, crack down on, and resolutely outlaw the national and local announcement of prohibited fishing gear and mesh size serious violations of national standards of fishing gear. Continue to carry out fishing-related "three no" ship clean-up and rectification of special operations, strengthen the work of supervision and assessment. Strengthen the source management of fishing boats, strict supervision of fishing boat repair, crack down on unauthorized construction of fishing boats, unauthorized increase in the power of the main engine of fishing boats, unauthorized alteration and obscuring of fishing boat names, forgery of fishing boat-related certificates and other serious violations, and take measures to prevent fishing boats from being attached to other places. Strictly fishing boat operation inspection and law enforcement supervision, increase the "ship certificate does not match" cleanup and rectification efforts.

(18) the strict implementation of the fishing boat "double control" system. Signed the target task assessment responsibility book at all levels, clear "Thirteenth Five-Year" period to reduce the target and annual reduction plan, to ensure that the task around the end of 2017 to complete no less than 40%. Actively implement good marine fishing vessel reduction and conversion and fishing vessel renewal and renovation projects. Research and development of "fishing fishing license management regulations" and other management systems, to strengthen the management of fishing vessel classification zoning, strengthen the organization of fishing vessels and fishermen management, in-depth promotion of inland fishing vessels "three certificates in one" reform, the full completion of the new version of inland fishing vessel certificate exchange work.

(XIX) the organization of major fisheries law enforcement actions. Strengthen the management of the fishing moratorium fishing law enforcement work, the joint China Marine Police Bureau held a mobilization meeting of the fishing moratorium law enforcement, the organization of special operations to strengthen port supervision and maritime law enforcement inspection during the moratorium. Continue to carry out special law enforcement actions to suppress illegal fishing in Bohai Bay, Yellow River, Yangtze River Estuary, Poyang Lake, Dongting Lake and other fishing waters. Strengthen law enforcement supervision and increase the crackdown on all kinds of illegal capture, killing and utilization of protected aquatic wildlife. Organize the enforcement of aquatic product quality and safety.

(xx) effectively strengthen the construction of fisheries teams. Implement the spirit of the National Symposium on Fisheries Administration, and increase the efforts of fisheries law enforcement. Deeply implement the fisheries administrative law enforcement officers licensed and qualification management system, the full implementation of the national unified examination on fisheries administrative law enforcement qualifications. In-depth grasp of fisheries law enforcement training, continue to carry out the creation of civilized fisheries law enforcement window work.

(xxi) strengthen the legal construction of fisheries. Strive for a substantive breakthrough in the revision of the Fisheries Act in 2017. Strengthen the "Fisheries Law" of the supporting regulations and rules, and increase the legal protection of fisheries.

Sixth, efforts to strengthen the protection of support capacity

(xxii) strengthen fisheries science and technology support and promotion demonstration. Promote the implementation of key research and development programs in fisheries research, promote the construction of the National Fisheries Industry Science and Technology Innovation Alliance, strengthen the construction of modern fisheries industry technology system, support the construction of key fisheries laboratories and research and investigation vessels. Deepen the reform of grass-roots aquatic technology promotion system, and constantly improve the capacity and level of aquatic technology promotion services. Vigorously promote integrated rice and fishery farming, held a national integrated rice and fishery farming field conference, the creation of a number of national integrated rice and fishery farming demonstration areas, the promotion and demonstration of a number of advanced technology model. Carry out technical demonstrations such as circulating water breeding and zero-drug health breeding. Further improve fisheries standards, complete the validation of more than 30 national industry standards for fisheries.

(XXIII) strengthen the construction of fisheries facilities and equipment. Strengthen the management of fisheries capital projects, and actively organize the declaration of aquatic seed industry in 2017, aquatic animal epidemic prevention, standardization of fishing ports upgrade and renovation and maintenance projects, strengthen the project management in progress, and carry out project supervision and inspection. Carry out research and product development related to PPP and special construction funds in the field of fisheries, build a diversified, multi-channel fisheries investment and financing pattern, and promote the strengthening of fisheries facilities and equipment construction.

(XXIV) vigorously promote fisheries information technology. Strengthen the standardization and revision of fisheries information technology. Organize and implement the construction and management of marine fishing vessels and safety equipment projects, promote the "smart fishing boats" and "smart ship inspection" construction, further improve the functional modules of China's fisheries management command system, standardize and promote the dynamic monitoring system of fishing vessels and ports off-site disaster recovery Backup center construction, strengthen the integration of fisheries information system data resources and information sharing, and focus on the creation of fisheries information application demonstration base (unit). Explore the system of statistical indicators, statistical method reform, enrich the content of statistical monitoring, complete the pilot survey of freshwater fishing samples, carry out a pilot survey of marine fishing samples, and promote China's fisheries statistical indicator system and international standards.

Seven, efforts to promote the sharing of rich fishing

(25) the implementation of a good fisheries oil subsidy policy. Coordinate the implementation of special transfer payments and general transfer payment projects, combined with the national and local "Thirteenth Five-Year" fisheries development goals and tasks, clear support priorities, and effectively strengthen management, improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the use of funds, the organization to carry out project implementation supervision and inspection and oil subsidy policy adjustment research.

(XXVI) strengthen the cultivation of new business entities. Mapping of various types of new fishery business entities, summarize the discovery of a number of good examples, improve and fully implement the policies of cultivating new business entities, so that eligible fishermen professional cooperative organizations, production and operation of large households, family fishing farms and industrial consortia and other new business entities to undertake financial projects at all levels, the establishment of fishermen and new business entities of various forms of interest linkage mechanism.

(XXVII) actively carry out industrial poverty alleviation. Actively promote the fisheries industry to alleviate poverty, taking into account the transfer of production, resource conservation, livelihood protection in all aspects of work. Around the integrated rice and fishery farming, cold water resources and low-lying saline water development and other projects with obvious effect on poverty alleviation, coordinate the advantages of fisheries science and technology forces to promote the solution of the key technical problems of fisheries development in poor areas, to help alleviate poverty in poor areas.

Eight, efforts to strengthen the construction of the style

(28) pay close attention to the implementation of the strengthening of the style. Integrated planning, careful planning, supervision and inspection, around the transfer of the way to adjust the structure to grasp the implementation. Discovery and cultivation of typical, through the demonstration of science and technology, business demonstration, work demonstration, driven to improve the level of fisheries production, operation and management. In-depth research, strengthen departmental linkages, regional collaboration, and strengthen policy creation around the key areas and major issues that limit the development of fisheries. Strengthen the work of fisheries publicity, positive guidance of public opinion. Strengthen the style of the fisheries industry, strengthen administrative approval, project funding arrangements, fisheries law enforcement integrity supervision.