Shandong Weihai aquatic products market: shellfish prices are high, shrimp market bullish


Summer seafood, really delicious flood, then the winter, is not nothing delicious seafood it? In fact, not, although there are not many seafood to choose from in winter, but many seafood are in dormancy, more fatty and fresh days I will recommend the most suitable for eating in winter four types of seafood, they are crabs, scallops, a variety of shellfish and a variety of shrimp, etc., look at these seafood, you are not some of the heart it?

With the weather turning cold, the recent shellfish market price shock higher, the current market shelled bird shell price per kilogram rose to about 24 yuan; bird shell meat prices from 70-76 yuan per kilogram up to 86-90 yuan, an increase of 20.5%; the recent market price of scallops per kilogram 7-8 yuan. With the weather turning cold, oysters have also entered the annual sales season one after another. The recent market oyster sales have increased greatly, and the market price per kilogram is around RMB 8 yuan, up by more than 30% year-on-year. According to the survey, although the production of oysters has increased by 20% in the last two years, the market is still in short supply.

Recent market shrimp prices continue to shock higher, including: frozen 4-6 head of prawns per kilogram price is generally at 240-260 yuan, 7-9 head of shrimp prices at 160-180 yuan, the market 21-25 South American white shrimp per kilogram price at 52-56 yuan. The recent market price of live crawling shrimp shock upward, the current market price per kilogram of local live crawling shrimp has risen to about 36 yuan, up 20% over the previous period. From the current main production areas of South American white shrimp learned that farmers around the world are generally optimistic about the shrimp market. Recently, we Weihai to locally farmed North and South American shrimp as raw materials for the production of frozen shrimp smoothly exported to Canada, which is also the local farming of South American white shrimp in Shandong Province for the first time exported to Canada. Shrimp prices are expected later, especially the larger shrimp prices will have some room to rise.