Jinan, Shandong: seafood market prices of some seafood rose


Jinan City, the price monitoring center of the Price Bureau in the city of price monitoring of the seafood market shows that some seafood prices are rising trend.

November 16 base shrimp, scallops, Spanish mackerel, squid, climbing shrimp prices per pound were 140.00 yuan, 25.00 yuan, 15.00 yuan, 20.00 yuan, 30.00 yuan, compared with last week rose 7.69%, 13.64%, 15.38%, 11.11%, 20.00%; compared with the same period last month rose 33.33%, respectively 13.64%, 15.38%, 42.86%, 0.00%.

Analysis of the reasons for the rise: First, as the weather becomes colder, the amount of seafood listed significantly reduced, resulting in a tight market supply, prices rise; Second, with the arrival of winter, the sea fishing fishermen become less, salvage costs increased, resulting in price increases; Third, most of the seafood sold on the market for frozen seafood, the increase in storage costs, resulting in the price of seafood rose.

It is expected that later with the decline in temperature, seafood prices will rise.