Love to eat seafood attention! Experts recommend that raw seafood should be cooked and eaten


Wu Qingping, director of the Guangdong Institute of Microbiology, said on the 25th in Guangzhou, raw seafood contains heat-resistant toxins, food-borne viruses and biotoxins worthy of attention, he suggested that raw seafood should be cooked and eaten.

On the same day, Wu Qingping gave a lecture on the topic of "monitoring and control of food-borne viruses in the era of bioinformatics". He said that foodborne diseases are diseases caused by viruses that enter the human body through ingestion methods, and the large-scale food poisoning in the United States in 2006 and Denmark in 2013 belonged to foodborne virus epidemics.

Currently, about 1/3 of foodborne illnesses are caused by viral infections, and common foodborne viruses include norovirus, hepatitis A virus, rotavirus, etc. These foodborne illnesses are also highly susceptible to large outbreaks.

"Norovirus was first discovered in the United States in the 1960s in the town of Norwalk, the pathogenicity rate is very high, nearly half of all foodborne illness outbreaks are caused by norovirus, causing a very high threat to food safety and public health, can infect people of all ages, the main features include diarrhea, vomiting, nausea and colic, etc., and a very high number of child deaths each year. " Wu Qingping introduced, because norovirus is very easy to occur in semi-enclosed places, so in schools, hospitals and other places easy to cause a mass outbreak.

Guangdong people love raw seafood, Wu Qingping said, raw seafood inside, there are two heat-resistant toxins, this should be very important; its second is food-borne viruses and biotoxins, as well as some shellfish toxins, should be worth noting. He suggested that seafood should be cooked before eating, "if you do not understand where the seafood comes from, not tested, or cooked to eat well. For example, eaten in the evening, tested well in the afternoon, that the risk is much smaller; if you check today and eat tomorrow, it is better to be careful."

At the same time, Wu Qingping analysis of the more common norovirus, hepatitis A virus, rotavirus pointed out that food-borne viruses are mainly transmitted through the consumption or drinking contaminated food or water, contact with contaminated object surfaces, contact with virus carriers. Nowadays, prevention and control of foodborne viruses through testing is the most basic practice and the most effective.

For how to prevent and control foodborne viruses in daily life, Wu Qingping recommends paying attention to hygiene, washing hands carefully with soap and water, especially before using the toilet, changing diapers, eating or preparing and processing food. Also, fruits and vegetables should be carefully washed before consumption, and oysters and other shellfish should be deeply processed before consumption.