China's aquatic products brand building where the road?


In 2016, the national aquatic products production of 69 million tons, accounting for nearly 40% of the world's total aquatic products, of which the total amount of farmed aquatic products reached 51.42 million tons, accounting for 70% of the world's total production, fishing production of 17.59 million tons, accounting for nearly 20% of the world's total, China has become a global fishery production, trade and consumption power. In recent years, from the central to the local have paid more and more attention to brand building, the national level and individual provinces, in brand building a lot of useful attempts to support and cultivate a number of aquatic products regional public brands and corporate brands. 2017 China Aquatic Products Brand Conference unveiled the "2017 most influential aquatic products corporate brands" In the aquatic products market, "Longba" shrimp, "Dahu" glacier fish, "Chun" brand organic fish, "Swertia" brand, "Swertia" brand, "Swertia" brand, "Swertia" brand, "Swertia" brand, "Swertia" brand, "Swertia" brand, "Swertia" brand, "Swertia" brand. In the aquatic products market, brands such as "Longba" shrimp, "Dahu" glacier fish, "Chun" organic fish, "Swertia" sea cucumber, "Hongze Lake" crayfish, Xuyi lobster, Weihai spiny ginseng, Zhoushan scallop, Hongze Lake hairy crab and Huanghekou hairy crab are familiar.

China's aquatic industry involves upstream, midstream and downstream of the industry chain, including upstream seeds, breeding, feed and fishery medicine, midstream aquatic processing, and downstream aquatic sales, while brand building is mostly concentrated in aquatic processing enterprises. In many aquatic processing enterprises, although in recent years, brand awareness has been rising, there are a number of enterprising enterprises like Swertia, Baolu Aquatic, Guolian Aquatic, Oriental Ocean, good family, Great Lakes, but the current Chinese aquatic industry is still in the price war more brand war less, strong category brand weak, there are channels cognitive no public awareness of the embarrassing situation, even the leading aquatic enterprises are in the resource management stage And has not risen to the stage of brand management, which is both the crisis of China's aquatic industry is also a wise opportunity for aquatic enterprises.

From a practical point of view, the aquatic product brand development process is relatively slow, China's aquatic products consumer market is still filled with a large number of unbranded aquatic products. Some companies recognize the importance of branding, but not really from the "circulation" led by the inertia of marketing thinking to brand marketing thinking change. On the other hand, some enterprises have limited financial strength, so even if there is a small amount of investment, but also mostly limited to providing information on aquatic products through advertising, it is difficult to effectively create a brand. 80 after the pursuit of quality of life, brand consumption awareness is significantly higher than 60, 70, so when its consumption of aquatic products in the brand tends to be more and more concentrated, and to pay a significant increase in the cost of branded aquatic products, China's aquatic products market opportunities will be more Narrower, the development of aquatic products enterprises will be more difficult. From this point of view, the development of China's aquatic product brands, change the status quo of foreign brands in many segments of China's fisheries industry is dominant, with considerable urgency and practical significance.

So how to create a brand of aquatic products?

1, the quality of aquatic products to upgrade

First of all, iron needs its own hard, aquatic product quality is vital, how to achieve the quality of aquatic products to upgrade it? Please refer to the following aquaculture management ideas chart (see below).

If the whole management of aquaculture in place and the quality of aquatic products, then it is necessary to do a variety of product certification to prove the quality of their own products, domestic pollution-free aquatic products certification, green aquatic products certification and organic aquatic products certification, foreign BAP (Best AquaculturePractices) certification, etc.

2, brand building and promotion

Secondly, with excellent quality aquatic products, then the following need for a long time brand building and continuous promotion, in a variety of forms, such as product launches or food festivals (roadshows around), the news media, aquatic well-known magazines, WeChat public number and other media channels continuous advertising.

3, brand maintenance and public relations treatment

Finally, even if the quality of aquatic products also need to do a good job of after-sales service, public relations and brand maintenance, which is a strong guarantee of the longevity of the product brand.