Shandong Weihai aquatic products market: the weather turned cold fish market price shock hovering


Affected by the weather turning cold and other factors, the recent Weihai aquatic products market trading is stable, the market prices of major species have risen and fallen.

Freshwater fish market: The recent listing of freshwater fish has increased significantly, but the demand is not too strong, and the market price has declined. The current market price of live carp per kilogram is about 12-13 yuan, live chub price is 15-16 yuan/kg, live crucian carp price per kilogram is generally about 25-26 yuan, live grass carp price per kilogram is 16 yuan. According to market dealers, with the drop in temperature, the cost of freshwater fish in transit has dropped significantly; coupled with the low price of various fresh fish on the market, to a certain extent, has affected the demand for freshwater fish. However, according to the analysis of previous years' experience, the market after the arrival of rain and snow, the market carp, grass carp, chub and other species continue to go low is not too likely.

Fresh fish: the recent market fresh fish sources as a whole is still relatively abundant, the market price of the main species is generally not high. At present, the market price per kilogram of fresh small yellowtail is generally 24-30 yuan, fresh Spanish mackerel price per kilogram is 28-32 yuan, fresh sea-caught turbot price per kilogram fell to about 66 yuan, fresh striped bass price per kilogram in 28-30 yuan, compared with the same period last year, in addition to fresh small yellowtail, the overall price of fresh fish market has decreased year-on-year.

It is getting cold, and the sales of sea cucumber market is gradually heating up. Since the autumn sea cucumber fishing in October, the prices of sea cucumbers everywhere have increased year-on-year. At present, the price per kilogram of live sea cucumber in Weihai aquatic products market is generally 124-126 RMB, the price per kilogram of live sea cucumber in pool is 130-140 RMB, and the price per kilogram of bottom-sown sea cucumber is generally around 240 RMB.