Shandong Rongcheng raided the fish market to ensure orderly and stable transactions


A few days ago, Rongcheng City, Shandong Province, the Bureau of Market Supervision, Fisheries, Public Security and other departments, the stone island seafood market, stone island farmers' market and other three markets for a surprise inspection. Law enforcement officers on-site seafood sales operators were inspected one by one, to understand the acquisition and sale of aquatic products sold to the three temporary stalls suspected of selling illegal catches for the suspension of processing.

Since the entry of the fishing moratorium, Rongcheng City Market Supervision Bureau will be the city's 41 period set market, 478 refrigerated all into the scope of monitoring, 232 fixed aquatic products trading operators in 7 key markets to implement the ledger type supervision, regular inspections. After 720 law enforcement officers were deployed to inspect more than 2,300 households, supervising merchants and cold storage operators consciously comply with the relevant provisions of the fishing moratorium, prohibit the processing and sale of illegal seafood.

According to reports, the next step, Rongcheng City Market Supervision Bureau will continue to cooperate with relevant departments to strengthen the supervision and inspection of the market, fishing ports and other places, strictly investigate all kinds of fishing-related violations, and strive to form a high-pressure situation to ensure that the market transactions during the fishing moratorium in an orderly and stable manner.