Export Brazil frozen fish "ice coating" can not exceed 12%


Recently, the Brazilian agricultural livestock and supply sector issued a new regulation that the surface of frozen fish products, with or without additives, the ice coating does not exceed 12%, requiring producers to inform consumers of the net weight, and the price of adding water should also be deducted. Currently, many countries have clear regulations on the "ice coating" of fish products. For example, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has issued "industry guidance" clearly identified that any ice coat weight into the net weight of the product will be classified as adulterated products; Russia provides for aquatic shellfish and its processed products, the ice coat content does not exceed 7% of the net weight, other non-fish aquatic products and their processed products do not exceed 8% of the net weight. If you violate the regulations, my exports of aquatic products may encounter foreign notification or return.