Shandong Weihai aquatic products market: greenhouse live sea cucumber prices rose bird shell prices climbed again


Now that the fishing moratorium has passed for more than a month, I think that the fresh seafood from the sea is a delicacy that no one can resist. What's more, they give us not only the delicious taste, but also the healthy energy that is difficult to replace. According to the survey, the overall supply of aquatic products market in Weihai is still relatively adequate, some varieties of prices have increased.

Recent fish market is still selling frozen fish as well as a variety of farmed fish, fresh fish, only a few fresh seafood such as Spanish mackerel in sales. At present, the market price per kilogram of fresh king mackerel at 36-44 yuan, farmed yellowtail at 40-44 yuan per kilogram, frozen small yellowtail at 24-28 yuan per kilogram, frozen large pomfret at 200-240 yuan per kilogram, the price of farmed sea bass at 20-24 yuan per kilogram. According to the survey, after the fishing moratorium, the overall supply of fresh sea-caught fish in the market is not much, replaced by farmed fish such as sea bass and gagfish. At present, the supply of farmed fish as well as local frozen fish is more abundant, and the overall change in market price is not too big.

Due to the impact of the fishing moratorium, the supply of bird shells is obviously tight, and the market price has risen sharply. At present, the market price of bird shell meat per kilogram is about 96 yuan; the price of shelled bird shell per kilogram rose to 28-30 yuan; the price of swan's egg meat is 34-36 yuan / kg, all hit a new high in the market since this year.

As the weather turns hot, the local pool-raised live sea cucumber enters the "summer sleep" period, and the market mainly focuses on the sale of live sea cucumbers in greenhouses. It is understood that, affected by last year's high temperature and other reasons, the price of Weihai spring pool sea cucumber has increased this year, the market price is generally 110-120 yuan; and with the sales of pool sea cucumber nearing the end, the current market price per kilogram of greenhouse farmed live sea cucumber rose to about 96 yuan, up 9.1% over the previous period; 20% higher than the same period last year.