Shandong Weihai aquatic products market: frozen fish and farmed fish sing the lead


In recent times, the hot and muggy sauna days seem to have become the "main theme" of the weather, the day is hot, the number of tourists traveling to the seaside city of Weihai is significantly increased, which also brings the purchase and sale of aquatic products market.

Fresh fish market: The recent fresh fish market is still dominated by the sale of frozen fish and various farmed fish. Fresh fish only large Spanish mackerel, turbot, pomfret and a few other fresh sea-caught fish in sales. At present, the market price of fresh Spanish mackerel per kilogram in 40-48 yuan, fresh sea-caught turbot per kilogram price of about 80 yuan; fresh pomfret per kilogram price of 260-280 yuan; frozen small yellowtail per kilogram price of 24-28 yuan. According to the survey, there are sufficient supplies of farmed fish as well as local frozen fish, the overall market price change is not too big.

With a large number of farmed shrimp as well as frozen shrimp hoarded by market dealers, the current market shrimp prices are generally not high. The current market price per kilogram of local 50-head live kiwi shrimp at about 80 yuan, the market price per kilogram of local 20-30 head live kiwi shrimp at 110-116 yuan; by the impact of the large number of kiwi shrimp on the market, local live climbing shrimp prices continue to hover at a low level, the market price per kilogram at 50-56 yuan. Another survey, which should have been listed in September South American white shrimp, some of the recent production areas are listed in advance, the market live 30 head of South American white shrimp per kilogram price is generally 46-48 yuan, 21-25 head of live South American white shrimp per kilogram price of 54-56 yuan caused by the main reason for the low price of shrimp is the shrimp farming area has been increasing in recent years, the market supply increased, the corresponding The price decline; at the same time, the impact of the recent market conditions or the weather, high temperature and rainy weather also led to a relatively high incidence of shrimp in the production areas, resulting in a downward trend in the overall market price of shrimp.