Ice and snow days freezing "quite" the price of seafood in Yantai market in Shandong Province clams per pound rose 1 yuan


During the New Year's Day, the reporter visited Yantai Hongli market learned that fruits, vegetables, eggs, pork, beef and mutton prices are stable, due to an adequate supply, there is no "festival must rise" phenomenon. Due to the continuous snowfall and cooling weather, snow and ice days freezing "quite" Hong Kong city seafood prices, clams per catty up 1 block, prawns a day up two yuan.

  Stable: block of 80 cents is not up, meat and eggs have not fluctuated

  Hongli morning market crowded, the reporter inquired, cucumber 4.4 yuan a catty, leek 4 yuan a catty, tomatoes 2.5 yuan a catty, cilantro, celery, scallions and carrots are two, cabbage 60 cents a catty.

  "Up a thirty-five cents, not much change." A dealer introduced, since mid-December last year, vegetable prices show a seasonal upward trend. The last few days of snow, some leafy vegetable prices rose for a short time, but the increase was not large, this rebound still belongs to the stage.

  In the market, the price of eggs is 4.3 yuan per catty, and vendors say that eggs have been unchanged. Due to the increased supply in the market, the price of ordinary pork also did not change. Pork is 11.5 yuan per catty, ribs are 13 yuan per catty, and elbows are 11.5 yuan per catty.

  In terms of fruit, bananas two dollars, satsuma ten dollars five catties, strawberries large 23 yuan a catty medium 15 yuan. "Fruits are imported from the south, expensive kiwi, sage fruit 15 yuan two catties, oranges are 10 yuan three catties, grapefruit 1.5 to 2.5 yuan a catty." A vendor said the price of fruit these days has been this way, not much change.

  Up: clams per catty up a piece, prawns a day up two yuan

  Seafood market, the variety is very rich. Scallops 10 yuan two and a half pounds, sea oysters 10 yuan four pounds. Conch 22 yuan -25 yuan a catty.

  "Seafood to pick up is now a day a price. Compared to last year much higher. A catty weighing six prawns now sell 110 yuan a catty." "Tonglin Aquatic" a vendor surnamed Li introduced the price compared to last year, a catty of shrimp at least ten to twenty dollars, the difference between the large 40 dollars.

  "Clams yesterday or four, five, today they are selling five, six! Flying clams sold 12-13 yuan a catty! No way, take the goods is eight or nine dollars, to the skin of what is not enough to cover the cost." In the old king seafood store, shopkeeper Wang Yongkui told reporters that the price of seafood with skin, and the holidays have little to do with the main wind and snow, Dalian, Longshan and other origins are too cold, the sea are frozen on, take the goods can not get.

  "Shrimp sold yesterday was 30 yuan a catty, up to 32 yuan today! "Selling" Ecuadorian shrimp "Mr. Tian said that the New Year's demand, a day can sell on 100 pounds.

  Hot: cold lamb slices melon seeds dried groundnuts are favored

  In the market, the local specialties are very popular. Sweet corn 10 yuan five, Haiyang chestnuts 7 yuan a catty, walnuts 4 yuan a catty. The site to grind corn into powder, with corn flour to make the cake attracted many people to buy.

  Affected by the weather, peanuts, melon seeds, dried groundnuts and other dry goods stalls surrounded by people, 5 yuan a catty pot of fried peanuts should be the holiday atmosphere. In front of the beef and mutton stall, a variety of meat slices are also sold very hot. A gentleman bought 143 yuan of lamb slices at once home shabu-shabu. The stall owner said that the beef was 34 yuan per catty and the lamb was 35 yuan per catty, with prices slightly higher than usual.

  In front of the Shanchuan freshwater fish stall, shopkeeper Li Hong is busy filleting grass carp: "A day of boiled fish fillet zero sales also have to sell a 200 pounds!" She said that the price of freshwater fish is now stable, grass carp, carp is 8 yuan a catty, white chub, crucian carp or 10 yuan, basically no change.